December 29, 2012

Thoughts about Indie Game: The Movie

This is now a bit more current again, as Indie Game: The Movie (IGTM) is included in Humble Indie Bundle 7.

I finally took the time and watched it. I'm sharing some personal thoughts that the film provoked. If you’re looking for a good review, please help yourself with your favorite search engine.

The main focus is on the development process of the indie games Super Meat Boy and Fez, supported by the earlier release, Braid. The movie is a bit long, but it manages to build an emotional attachment to the developers behind the games. This pays off in the end.

For me the film is very much related to video games as art debate (check e.g. Guardian Games Blog). I see a strong proof that making an indie game is a creative process. As the games themselves are constructed by putting pieces of art together, how could the final result not be art? IGTM shows the personal drive to create and communicate with people using the game as media, people following their vision despite the uncertainty about how the game will be received. In my eyes, these developers are artists.

The bottom line is that IGTM manages to deliver an emotional experience through its subject and cast. I’m happy to have seen it. Occasionally, I couldn't help thinking if I took the easy path of working in corporate software development. In some ways, I probably did, but I think there's no final answer to that question. What I envy most is the indie developer's freedom not to compromise their vision, when they so decide. I feel that is very different when compared to large scale software projects.

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