March 15, 2013

Indie game picks #1

There are a couple of nice game promos this week by and Humble Bundle. is doing a Pick 5 games promo and Humble Bundle is offering an Android spiced collection. There's still some days left to check out both offers.

Humble Bundle 5 got more interesting after the new games were added. I'm curious about the experimental games, such as Solar 2 and Splice. And all the games except Crayon Physics Deluxe come with soundtrack. Not bad at all. lets me be a patriot and choose two more Finnish games. My first pick is Legend of Grimrock. I already own Alan Wake, but the American Nightmare expansion is a good deal. I have to make some tough choices in picking the three remaining games. No final choices yet.

I'm being a collector again, already having a long list of unplayed games, but constantly going after good deals. I like to think that my small contributions help a little in keeping the indie scene alive and vibrant. I favor the indie bundles as a good way of making more indie developers get a share of the market.

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