March 09, 2013

Sports betting recap - February 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in February: -47.76%

As much as I would like to report a positive month, that doesn't seem to happen. But no worries. The total account balance has been so low that the percentage looks worse than it is. I have moved to more defensive bets in February. This has reduced the total number of bets significantly. The situation has been stabilized, and I've been also somewhat lucky for a change. And the Chicago point streak in NHL was surely helpful.

I've continued to work a my script that can hardly be called an application. There is a bit more number crunching, and I'm quite happy with that part currently. I have taken the first steps in studying the possibility of making a Qt based UI. The target is to make it as plain and simple as the current command line interface. I hope there's more to tell during the next few months.

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