April 20, 2013

Indie game picks #2 - The lure of Telltale

I've spent a couple of evenings with The Walking Dead (the game, by Telltale Games), finishing two episodes so far. I didn't expect to become a fan of the TV series, but it just happened. The game story has the same kind of atmosphere, making me think if the undead swarm really is worst of the enemies or not. It's hard to really recommend the game, as I think it has the PEGI 18 rating for a very good reason. But it surely is an experience at your own risk.

The Walking Dead is actually my first touch with Telltale games. I'm now impressed enough to fall for Telltale sale at GOG.com, that seems to be well timed to abuse my temporary soft spot. Damn, I don't even like adventure games that much! I guess I will eventually end up reading The Walking Dead comic books too...

I try to be cool, make the best of the situation and grab Tales of the Monkey Island, a classic franchise that I've missed totally when the originals were released. Looking at the user reviews, this is a good opportunity to finally fix that mistake. And that's not all, for I also noticed that Fez is coming to GOG.com. It seems they are now serious about taking my money.

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