May 20, 2013

A smartphone reveal event behind, a console event ahead

Jolla's smartphone reveal event could have been longer. It made me curious but not able to make up my mind about the device. The Other Half is something new, and it would rock if a physical keyboard can be built with it. Having some doubts at the moment though.

The release schedule is by the end of the year and surely more details will be told during the coming months. For a short overview on Jolla, I recommend reading the BBC News story. If still interested, here's a hands-on demo in YouTube.

Whereas Jolla keeps its events short, Polygon tells that the XBox event will be so big that it will be split in two. Well, I'll do my best to be able to see both of them. There are some big promises, but enough to match the PS4? Let's see.

The first match-up of the next generation consoles will be seen at E3 in June.

May 07, 2013

On the same page with Raring Ringtail

I took some time to check what's up with Ubuntu 13.04. Me and Ubuntu had a small crisis when 12.10 was released. It didn't work with NVIDIA drivers and I eventually got tired of the troubleshooting. At that time wanted to try out Steam in Linux, did some homework and found out I was able to get everything working in Mint. So it was goodbye to Ubuntu at that time.

But we have too much history and there were rumors that 13.04 would fix many of the problems. And indeed, the first impression is that Raring Ringtail seems to be one of the better Ubuntu releases. Installation went smoothly, except for the system not restarting properly in the end. Well, that didn't seem to matter really. In about an hour I had the NVIDIA proprietary drivers working and Steam installed. The performance improvements are really helping. For the first time, Unity desktop does not feel sluggish.

I wanted get myself more up-to-date and started looking for some fresh Ubuntu customization tips. While searching for security info I came across Easy Linux tips project. The pages actually contain a lot of useful information on Ubuntu, Linux and the applications. Definitely worth checking out. Another one of my Ubuntu release traditions is reading the 10 Things To Do article by OMG! Ubuntu!

It's should be easy to find some useful tips from those sites. My first picks this time were:
  • Turn on the firewall with sudo ufw enable spell.
  • Install NVIDIA's drivers to make the system slicker and meaner.
  • Install Chromium as I'm going to miss it anyway.

To relax a bit, I chose to test drive the system with recently released Portal Beta for Linux. I didn't really notice any issues with the beta either. As Valve is being serious about Linux gaming, I hope more developers will follow. I wouldn't mind spending more of my time on Linux side. About 20% of my current Steam games library seem to be available for Linux. Quite a lot actually, but indie games from Humble Bundle purchases are increasing my numbers quite a bit.

May 02, 2013

Sports betting recap - April 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in April: -8.38%

I was mainly betting on the NHL games. The smallest monthly loss so far. I just wish this trend will continue. I continued improving the reporting features of my Python tool, and I felt that it was actually helpful in finding the high odds and also in knowing which games to pass.

I managed to keep above the zero line for almost the whole April, but the last rounds of NHL regular season were too hard for me. Now when regular season is over, I'll turn my attention on the Finnish football. The seasons have just started and the statistics don't tell much yet. So I'll go easy in the beginning.

It's also time for Ice Hockey World Championship games! As a fan, I'll follow the events as much as possible with entertainment in mind. My bets for IHWC can't be taken seriously. There are too much emotions involved. While it doesn't look that good for Finnish national team this year, I'm of course hoping for some surprise results.