May 20, 2013

A smartphone reveal event behind, a console event ahead

Jolla's smartphone reveal event could have been longer. It made me curious but not able to make up my mind about the device. The Other Half is something new, and it would rock if a physical keyboard can be built with it. Having some doubts at the moment though.

The release schedule is by the end of the year and surely more details will be told during the coming months. For a short overview on Jolla, I recommend reading the BBC News story. If still interested, here's a hands-on demo in YouTube.

Whereas Jolla keeps its events short, Polygon tells that the XBox event will be so big that it will be split in two. Well, I'll do my best to be able to see both of them. There are some big promises, but enough to match the PS4? Let's see.

The first match-up of the next generation consoles will be seen at E3 in June.

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