May 02, 2013

Sports betting recap - April 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in April: -8.38%

I was mainly betting on the NHL games. The smallest monthly loss so far. I just wish this trend will continue. I continued improving the reporting features of my Python tool, and I felt that it was actually helpful in finding the high odds and also in knowing which games to pass.

I managed to keep above the zero line for almost the whole April, but the last rounds of NHL regular season were too hard for me. Now when regular season is over, I'll turn my attention on the Finnish football. The seasons have just started and the statistics don't tell much yet. So I'll go easy in the beginning.

It's also time for Ice Hockey World Championship games! As a fan, I'll follow the events as much as possible with entertainment in mind. My bets for IHWC can't be taken seriously. There are too much emotions involved. While it doesn't look that good for Finnish national team this year, I'm of course hoping for some surprise results.

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