July 11, 2013

Sports betting recap - June 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in June: +11.10%

A second positive month in a row. I'm tempted to think that I'm actually learning to win, but it's much more likely that I was just lucky.

I was counting on Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup. They did and I was winning on it. Otherwise June was quite steady downhill and it wasn't looking so good. But June 30th saved the month. I won a 5-game system bet played on Finnish soccer. The bet had quite low odds and was built strictly based on my simple statistics. I felt pretty good about that, although I know that luck had a major part in it.

In July I try to take it easy, enjoy the summer and relax a bit. In betting sense the month hasn't started that well at all, so I'm facing the familiar challenge again. Is it somehow possible to turn this month positive...

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