August 11, 2013

Waiting for Jolla - feature wishlist

I do have Jolla T-shirt, stickers and a "thank you" letter, so I'm in Jolla camp as much as I can at the moment and will get the phone anyway. So, this post probably isn't the most objective one.

I'm currently using Nokia C7 smartphone with Symbian Belle. It's getting a bit old, but I'm sticking to it at least until Jolla smartphone arrives. I hope and believe the Jolla phone will be good enough to fully replace it. I do have some concerns however. The following is my Jolla feature wishlist in order of importance. I'm hoping to see more information on these in the near future.

1. Maps and navigation

This is where Nokia phones excel, and perhaps one of the hardest challenges Jolla has. Every time I need to drive to a new address, no worries, Nokia maps and navigation can take me there. No need to study the map beforehand, unless you want to educate yourself beyond driving instructions. In ideal world Nokia would be selling its map and navigation for Jolla phones. This is perhaps asking a little too much?

2. Wi-Fi hotspot

Very important as I have a tablet with Wi-Fi connection only. Practically must for every smartphone nowadays, so I'm confident this feature will be in.

3. Camera

I want to have one device that does everything. Therefore, I never was interested in getting a portable MP3 player. The same goes for cameras, because smartphones can and should do the job. I can compromise on picture quality, but I would appreciate it being on the level of my current phone or even a bit better.

4. Adequate selection of apps in Jolla Store

Not sure how innovative the real name will be, but let's call it "Jolla Store" here. With pre-book edition sold out, I'm not too worried about the availability of apps. There will be users and apps will arrive when the market exists. And when apps base grows, new users will join the herd.

Android apps compliance helps, but a Jolla Store is needed to be able to conveniently install apps to your phone. Otherwise the user base will be limited to techies that are willing to go through extra effort for installing the apps. The most important apps for me will be the browser and a Twitter client. I can live without a single game, as gaming with phone only comes to mind when I don't have anything else to do. That's almost same as never.

Items 1 and 2 are practically a must. If those are missing I will need a second device. The one thing I now regret is that I never did buy Nokia N9, as then I would soon be owning the two most interesting smartphones in the world (IMO).

While checking the links, I noticed that Nokia Swipe pages are still online. They may create some what could have been wibes...


  1. 1. If It is Android compliance, having Waze should be as good as Here.

    2. Yes, I want that too.

    3. It has an 8MP camera announced during the launch.

    4. Again, hopefully 'Android compliance' do wonders.

    p.s. It's not too late to get an N9. It's a true legend.

  2. CIO Stefano Mosconi said in an interview that their plan is to have approx. 1000 apps in the Jolla store on release. There's also a thread at forums on which apps are going to or have already been ported to Sailfish.

  3. First interaction in the history of this blog. Thank you, whoever you may be. I agree that 8 MP is enough for the camera and hope that the optics will serve them well.

    As I don't have much experience on N9, I found this Jolla comparison to N9 very useful.