October 31, 2013

Good deals and affiliate linking ethics

Currently there is a pretty good deal on Civilization V titles on Amazon UK. Unfortunately downloads seem to work for UK customers only, so I'll miss the opportunity to buy Brave New World expansion. Civilization games are so iconic that I really should have played them more. It just seems that I always prefer to play some fantasy or sci-fi game. Well, another time then, Civ5...

I will use affiliate links in the future posts, when appropriate. But I don't want to fool anyone into clicking them. Therefore I will try to make the affiliate links recognizable, like the one above clearly mentioning Amazon UK. I may also put the affiliate links in the end of the post if I feel they don't naturally fit into the text. I also believe that links should be relevant to me and the blog content, so I will not be putting up affiliate links to random stuff. After all, this is a blog, not a billboard.

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