October 09, 2013

Letting the phones go

As a Finn, I probably should write something smart about Microsoft buying Nokia mobile phone business. But so much have been written already and more will surely follow. It’s is a topic that somehow concerns just about every Finn and yes, many are upset, confused and angry. I will however try to avoid the most common points of view and find somewhat personal angle on the subject. I’m likely to fail.

The economy in Finland hasn’t been going so great lately. And while Lumias may not be Nokia phones in the future, as far as we have been told, Lumia sales figures still mean more jobs in Finland. How much trust Ballmer and Elop deserve is for everyone to decide. I would so much love to see Nokia board doing something intelligent; not exactly holding my breath yet. But I honestly hope they will still have some cards up their sleeve.

I (still) work in ICT sector in Finland and have seen my share of killed projects and I think I have some understanding of what Nokia employees are going through. For me these seem to be the times of looking back and doing some self-reflection. It's sad that individual achievements and heroics rarely count when big lines are drawn.

More and more often asking myself if I should stay on the job or if an alternative exists. Nowadays I tend to admire the people who have taken risks and found their own path. That is why I made an effort to write about Indie Game: The Movie or why I now own the most of the Spiderweb Software games, just because I think it was great how much Jeff Vogel was sharing about development process of Avadon: The Black Fortress. And I’m eagerly waiting to receive a Jolla phone, as it’s made by the people who believe in their vision and carry on even if odds should be against them. While I keep collecting my steady paycheck, these examples inspire me to think that things could be different. It’s still possible for a small group of people or an individual to succeed in the world of megalomaniac multinational companies. An alternative really exists.

Day is job is curse in a sense that I don’t need to succeed and there’s not much pressure to proceed. Life can still go on as usual. I could use some extra boost and therefore I’m going to give Pat Flynn’s book Let Go a shot. Fact is, I would not be writing anything like this if I had not stumbled on Pat’s Smart Passive Income website a few years back. Having examined of the free content he’s offering, I have found him to be a very inspirational character.

I need to take very small steps to proceed on my own path to make the best use of the little time there is available. I don’t even know what the path will exactly be, but that’s alright. What I know is that I want to create something more personal or do something different than I’m able to do in the current job. I guess that’s a start.

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