November 18, 2013

PS4 hype and latest Jolla news

It's after my €uros...
I thought I would not get into the PS4 hype, but I already did a little bit. I have PS3 and I'm going to stick with Playstation. I could not resist reading first comments in some forums and Sony sending a code for free PS4 theme for PS3 did not really help to keep my head cool. I know I will eventually buy a next generation console, and Xbox One probably should walk on water for me to choose it.

I can surely manage over the Christmas time, but after that it's going to be a struggle. My Pile of Shame on PS3 is quite massive, so rationally there is no hurry. However, I have already rearranged the furniture in the second bedroom to make room for the new console. Oh yeah, that's about how immune I was to the hype... So PS4, you have my heart. But could you just be a little less attractive for few months so that initial bugs are be fixed before we start our journey together, please?

It already has my €uros.
Another passion of mine is naturally the Jolla smartphone. A Finnish operator, DNA will be launching the Jolla phone November 27th. The first batch will be 450 devices only.  Pre-ordered, but sadly, I haven't seen any invitation yet. It's seems that waiting for Jolla phone will be another exercise in patience. I still have faith that I'll be holding the device in my hand this year.

For me, having a Jolla smartphone will be, more than anything, a statement. I'm sure many Finns will understand what I mean and based on what I've seen in social media, others will too.

PS4 at and

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