November 19, 2013

Sports betting recap - October 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in October: -49.74%

As I feared, last month I had to take big risks to fulfil turnover rules related to past betting bonus offer. It turns out I was able to save only a small portion of the cash involved. This shows in the disastrous October result.

After this episode, I've taken a deserved break from betting. I've been quite busy with other things lately and therefore unable to reserve enough time to analyse the bets properly. I'm taking some work related courses and overall, autumn is not the greatest time in Finland. Rain, cloudy days and darkness take their toll. Thus, the break has been longer than I expected.

What comes to Finnish indie game front, Clash of Clans was released for Android. I actually downloaded the game just the day before the big Supercell deal was announced. My village is growing steadily and I find the game mechanics well fitting to casual gaming. There are many strategic elements to master as you basically get to play in both sides of the tower defense. Building projects are now getting longer, so the game not require as much attention as it did in the beginning. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

While writing about PS4, I happened to mention my Pile of Shame, from which I was able to finish one game this month. Perhaps it would actually be worth blogging when I manage to finish a game. That doesn't happen too often, but I'll consider the idea - I have some serious classics in that pile. I tend to do a bit of web search on my writing topics and thus found a couple of good articles about how to tackle the Pile of Shame. Enjoy.


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