December 28, 2013

Sports betting recap - November 2013

Total balance of betting accounts in November: +627.06%

Oops. This result needs to be explained and I should do some serious thinking for the future. As I told before, I was having a little break from betting. I have bought some betting tips earlier from ESBC, a company that is offering commercial betting consultancy. In November they were promoting tips for Moniveto offered by Veikkaus with extra money on some bets. So, there was a chance to win with higher than normal odds. Knowing that I wouldn't be spending money on other bets in November, I decided to take one shot at it. And this time, it was worth it.

When I won the first bet, I decided to take a second one and won some more with that. This may show a difference between an amateur (me) and pros (ESBC), but I think also luck had a big role in it. I've made some similar bets during December with less encouraging results and it seems December won't be a winning month.

Anyway, with less focus on betting I've had more time for other things, for example Christmas. This has been a welcome change and I think I must spend some time considering where I want to put my focus in the future. This applies to both work and free time. I see some room for improvement in both areas.


  1. I admitted I bet on baseball, but I wasn't suspended from baseball for betting on baseball.

  2. +627.06%? That's insane. At that rate, you'll be rich in no time O_O