February 10, 2014

Some Jolla smartphone experiences

From the beginning I knew pre-ordering Jolla smartphone was an emotional decision. There never was a way to rationally justify pre-ordering it. It certainly isn't the best smartphone on the market, but it could well be the most interesting one.

The battery life was initially poor and criticized for good reason. But the community found a workaround pretty quickly. And it really made huge difference to power consumption.

My super awesome Bluetooth headset is usually on when I'm on the move. At first I had problems to connect it reliably and it wouldn't always play the audio through the headset. With time I found a some logic to it. When I have the headset on, I can quickly test the audio by entering the main screen Pulley Menu. If I hear the sound from the headphones, also the Media app should play it correctly. If the menu sounds are still playing through phone speaker, I switch to Bluetooth settings, do disconnect / connect for the headset. So far this has always fixed it. A little inconvenient, but the headset connection was not fully reliable with Nokia phones either. I can live with that.

A while ago the phone went to reboot loop and I feared it wouldn't recover from it. Luckily removing the battery worked and phone booted normally. This also seemed to fix other small problems, such as internet connection issues in Android apps. I'll try to keep in mind that when something that used work to suddenly doesn't, it's time to remove the battery. A few times the phone has booted itself for some reason, but so far I haven't been able to find any obvious reason for it.

I've also learned to check the playback position with podcasts as the Media app sometimes jumps to beginning of the audio track when you start playback after a longer break. I hope that gets fixed at some point.

After getting Tweetian and the latest update to Jolla, I'm finally quite happy with the device. The battery life is somewhat better than with my previous phone, especially when the phone is idle. While the Android support was essential in the beginning to fill the functional gaps, it seems to be smart to go for native apps whenever possible.

In two months we've seen a good deal of updates and the worst rough edges are now smoothed out. Native Sailfish apps have been appearing steadily. While there are polished and well finished products in the market, there is a special kind of feeling in having a phone that keeps evolving.

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