December 10, 2014

Art is in Journey

I start the game one more time after short break and it gives me the last trophy almost immediately. After a few playthroughs, I've explored the most of it. Knowing that the game is short I waited for a long time, before trying it. But as everything I heard was positive, I finally had to check out the Journey myself.

And it's something totally different. Emotionally engaging, beautiful, mysterious story told with no words and a fair amount of replay value. And the soundtrack nails it quite perfectly. The first time I went to the end alone, second time with another more experienced companion. But the third playthrough brought a tear in my eye as I probably happened to be in the right mood. And still, I wanted find everything there is to collect rest of the trophies.

After experiencing it, for me Journey is a game that should end the any discussion whether games are art or not.