April 25, 2016

Some remarks before the April 26th primaries

New York primary probably was a disappointment for Sanders, as much as it was for many purged voters and to the ideals of democracy. It's disturbing that the DNC is running primaries between two nominees by sabotaging one campaign and promoting the other.

At this point of the race, I ended up listing a few facts I consider more or less as undeniable, regardless of which democratic candidate you support:
  • The math - It is very hard now for Bernie Sanders to overtake Hillary in pledged delegates. It is also very hard for Hillary Clinton to win 2383 pledged delegates she needs for the nomination.
  • Because the math, there is no sensible reason for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race right now. Doing so would be a disservice for democracy and his own goals.
  • Independent voters play a crucial role in the general election.
  • Hillary Clinton is still under FBI investigation. If she were indicted at some point of the race, she surely would leave a mark in history.
  • Hillary winning will not stop the revolution. I'm not convinced that the DNC really understands this yet.
Hillary supporter will probably disagree. Time will tell the truth of it.

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