November 07, 2016

End in sight - Finally

While not commenting on the blog, I haven't stopped following the US presidential election. I've just been disappointed, appalled terrified and not able to write sensible text about this charade. To summarize what has happened since June:
  • The initial result from the California primary was unbelievable. Over time the numbers were turning closer to the poll results. But it was quite clear at this point that democratic primary was practically over. And like in many states, also in California there were many suspected cases of election fraud.
  • Bernie endorsing Hillary before the DNC convention was still a surprise to me. The convention itself was like a well written play - a coronation, with the exception ill-treated, disappointed Sanders supporters. While they tried to deliver a feeling of unity, I sensed a lot of drama going on in backstage.
  • But I must admit, well played by the two major parties. Once again they were able to dismiss the real important issues and the American people are now facing an election of which no respectable country can be proud of.
So now I just want it to be over. I wish I cared more about whether a mad man or the corrupted queen of big money wins. I don't know which one is worse, but I do know that neither of them deserves to win. When this shit circus is over, what will be the path forward to America? Or is there any?

The two major parties have let the people down. I hope masses do realize that. In that case, the two party majority will hopefully go down in history and the real change is possible.